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Home inspections

By using state of the art tools we assess the energy performance of your house and we will identify areas of your house where improvements need to be done to reduce energy use and improve comfort.

BC Energy Step Code

Are you looking for BC Energy Step Code compliance reports to be done. Well, you have come to the right firm who can complete that for you and who will help you to design an energy efficient house.

EnerGuide evaluation

Are you planning to upgrade your house and are looking for a rebate, well you will need to begin by getting the EnerGuide evaluation of your house done and we will do that for you at your convenience.

Air sealing/Weatherization

Did you know energy loss by air-leakage can amount for more than a third of your house energy use. In another term it is the cause for more than a third of your energy bill, thus it's worthwhile to air-seal your house for reduced cost & energy use, and improved comfort. We have all the tools and the technical knowhow to help you weatherize your house.

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